Mushrooms (fungi)
that are unsafe (poisonous, or deadly), to us humans, are also unsafe for dogs
and cats. Medicinal and editable mushrooms 1safe for human
consumption, are generally 1safe and healthful for dogs and cats.

that are Unsafe, and Dangerous to Dogs and Cats

Examples –

  • Amanita
    (i.e. death cap mushroom).
  • False Morels.
  • Jack of
  • Little Brown
    Mushrooms (some or safe, some poisonous).

Nature Photo
offers an extensive list- names, and photos, of mushrooms (fungi) to be

The above
lists are extensive, but not complete – there are many more mushrooms that fall
into the categories listed above.

that Are 1Safe For Dogs and Cats

Organic or
wild-crafted medicinal mushrooms (i.e. turkey tail, shiitake, oyster mushrooms,
etc.), and culinary mushrooms (i.e. button mushrooms, portabella mushrooms,
etc.) offer a wide range of health benefits to 1dogs, and are also
good for most 1cats.

You can
choose one or two of the following options to add safe, editable and medicinal mushrooms
as needed to your dog’s and cat’s daily diet:

  • Mushroom broth.
  • Bone broth with mushroom –add mushrooms to the bone broth 20 to 30 minutes
    before removing the bone broth from cooking heat.
  • Mushroom tea.
  • Dried mushroom
  • Fresh mushrooms
    added to a greens and veggie and/or fruit puree or smoothie.

On a daily
basis my dogs have mushroom broth or tea, dried mushroom powder or mushrooms added
to their veggie/fruit puree.

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True story –
my first dog knew which wild mushrooms where safe to forage and would self-harvest
her own wild mushrooms. My current pack of dogs don’t self-forage wild mushrooms.

When in your own yard, or hiking along wooded trails – if you are not confident
your dog knows the difference between editable and poisonous mushrooms –
monitor your dog and do not allow him/her to taste-test mushrooms and fungi.

1‘Safe’ is used as a relative term, meaning safe for most dogs and cats.
As with all ingested substances (foods, herbs, etc.) the individual:

  • May have a
    sensitivity (intolerance or allergic response) to an editable, medicinal
  • May have a
    health issue that contradicts consumption of mushrooms.
  • May be on a
    drug that contradicts consumption of a mushrooms.

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Article and graphics by – Karen Rosenfeld, Ottawa Valley Dog
Whisperer, Holistic Dog Behaviorist, Holistic Dog and Cat Wellness Specialist

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