So, you’ve decided to choose to crowdfund and you don’t know where to begin? How crowdfunding works and spreading your word across masses.

Well, let’s discuss the same in this post. Whenever we browse through crowdfunding platforms, we get to see many causes that require funding. Few of us acted by contributing towards it, and few of us didn’t. The truth is, we only take action for a cause if we’re touched by it.

Fundraising has to be done in such way, that it touches people’s hearts. It has to be presented in such a way that it raises the interest in the person reading the cause.

Before jumping on to different ways of marketing and tools you’re going to use, it is important to understand the process of crowdfunding.

How does crowdfunding work?

It starts with campaign planning and knowing your cause thoroughly. If one doesn’t do his homework properly about his cause, it’ll be tough to explain it to others. This ultimately results in failure to attract donations.

After knowing your cause thoroughly, it is important to keep a target/goal. Always be a goal digger, but don’t keep a goal which is out of reach. After which you’ll decide on the budget and gathering a group of volunteers to make a team. If you’re an individual who’s doing crowdfunding for a personal cause, you may not require a team.

Then comes the prelaunch period of your campaign. You must make sure that the copy aptly explains your cause to the people, you can add a video as well for better understanding.

The campaign then goes live and you must promote it by sharing it on different social media sites and spreading it to your friend circle. This is how the whole process works.

Here are few tips to getting the most of your crowdfunding campaign:

1) Choosing a good crowdfunding platform

2) Writing a compelling copy

3) Creating a professional looking video

4) Proper sharing on social media

5) Updating and staying in touch with your donors


1) Choosing a good crowdfunding platform:

This is the first and the most important tip of the lot. Without choosing a good crowdfunding platform, one cannot achieve success in raising funds. There are various things to keep in mind before choosing a good crowdfunding site. Milaap is an Indian Crowdfunding platform

One must keep in mind of the presence and the popularity of the site, which proves its authenticity to the donors. One must be updated with the category of the crowdfunding the site is catering to. You can’t post a charitable cause on a crowdfunding site which only accepts creative projects right?

And the total amount of funds raised, which in turn comes from the popularity. In a country like India, one can try the sites like Milaap.  Milaap has raised more than ₹170 crores in funding for various social causes. It is also the #1 website in India with more than 2M monthly visits.

2) Writing a compelling copy:

This is the content. Content is king. One must write a compelling copy which touches the user. If you can’t write a compelling copy, then it is wise to hire a freelance writer who can do that job for you. But, most of the times, you can write it well, just look how successful campaigns have explained their cause, and get an idea from it.

3) Creating a professional looking video:

If the cause is huge, then mere writing wouldn’t be enough. Creating a video explaining your cause raises the trust among the donors and it increases the chances of people spreading it on their social media and contributing towards it.

4) Proper Sharing on Social Media:

Social media plays a significant role in marketing. It is responsible for making things a hit. Whether it’s a movie, game or any song, social media is used by everyone to promote their stuff. You can use it too. Sharing it among your circle of friends and requesting them to pass it on to their circle increases reach.

 5) Updating and staying in touch with your donors:

When you’ve put up a cause, and successfully raised funds for it, you must understand that the individuals who have contributed towards your cause need to be updated with all the information they need with what you’re doing with their funds. It is important as it helps keep the donor trust.

As they say, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Plan thoroughly, use the given tools and marketing ideas to gain the most out of your campaign. which instantly grabs eyeballs.

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